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With your support, our SFVW 2016 event was a great success. We would love to hear from you about your experience. Please feel free to contact us by clicking here. Enjoy the photos from our event this year below.
The SlowFoodVastWine Team

2016 Event Photos

Thank You! 2015 Event A Huge Success

Dear Guests and Friends of SlowFoodVastWine™, Our 2015 event this past Saturday was a tremendous success! With your help, we raised more than $60,000 for the John XXIII Montessori Children’s Center – our highest amount to date.But we couldn’t have... read more

Meet Our Chefs for SVFW 2015

SlowFoodVastWine™ 2015 is proud to have Chefs Jeff Witte and Jeremy Anderson from Airlie in Warrenton, VA pairing food and wine for us this year. Their presence at our event truly is a match made in heaven. We knew from the first meeting that Chefs Jeff and Jeremy... read more