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Thank you!

With your support, our SFVW 2017 event was a great success. We would love to hear from you about your experience. Please feel free to contact us by clicking here. Enjoy the photos from our event this year below.

 We hope you’ll join us next year on April 28, 2018!


The SlowFoodVastWine Team

Raffle Winners:

1st prize
# 1893, Jennifer D. (online)
2nd Prize
#2721, Jill S. (mail in)
3rd prize
#4190, Bridget & Lydia H. (John XXIII Family)

New Video!

We premiered an exciting new video during SFVW 2017 and we’d like to share it with all of our friends and benefactors. Please watch this important video about the importance of Montessori education – and prepare to be inspired!

2017 Event Photos

The Principles of ‘Slow Food’ and Intentional Beverage

Hello friends! Today we bring details of some fine providers of the victuals and libations that await you at the VIP reception for SFVW 2017!  These kindred spirits embody the principles of ‘slow food’ and intentional beverage, with quality that you notice with the...

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The Raffle Tickets that Everyone Wants

Hello Friends of SlowFoodVastWine™! Tickets for our 9th annual Farm-to-Fork Raffle are now available online. This popular raffle is the region's best opportunity for you to fill your freezer full of locally pastured meat! And since one ticket could win you ALL THREE...

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